Here is our current schedule for the year. As conventions get closer, panels get approved, and meet-ups get put together, more details will be added to this page (plus we’ll make plenty of mentions on social media). If you want to see us at an event or convention, ask us, or even better yet ask the con to have us as guests!

Emerald City Comic Con – August 18-21, 2022

  • We’ll be doing a Painting and Weathering demo at the PNW Guild of Cosplayers demo area (Chelan Level 2, Room 1) on August 18th from Noon to 2pm.
  • We’ll be volunteering at the PNW Guild of Cosplayers booth (Skybridge) and repair station (Chelan Level 2, Room 5) at various times throughout the weekend.
  • We will have our Jane Foster Mighty Thor costume along with some other helmets and props on display at the PNW Guild of Cosplayers Exhibition (Chelan Level 2, Room 2)

Rose City Comic Con – September 9-11, 2022

  • We are Guest Judges for the Cosplay Contest – we look forward to seeing all of your amazing costumes!
  • We’ll have our booth in the exhibitor hall (Booth TBA).
  • We’ll also likely be doing a panel or two. We’ll post more details as they become available!