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We wanted to kick off the new year with a very exciting new item! We have just opened up pre-orders for Wave 1 of our new helmet! Wave 1 features special early bird pricing (it will automatically show in your cart). Once Wave 1 sells out, regular pricing will take effect.

The helmet comes in two styles and three flavors depending on your budget, experience level, and customization needs : we have either the Bo-Katan Kryze or Koska Reeves Style and both are available as raw resin casts, full finished (which includes padding and a visor pre-installed) to match those seen on screen, and custom painted (same as fully finished but painted in custom colors/style of your own design).

We are finishing up the molds right now and as soon as we have casts, we’ll be updating images in our shop to show our finished helmets!

We used the 3D model from Sean Fields of Project 842 as our base for this build.

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