The resin parts in our kit are designed to fit around a 1 1/8″ aluminum tube. This size tube allows a light saber blade/plug to fit snugly inside while providing support for the blade. One end should be cut to follow the angle of the Darksaber emitter.

After test fitting all of the parts onto your tube and ensuring it is cut to the correct length, the first step we recommend is permanently gluing the emitter, guard, and main hilt to the tube like so. If you do not plan to put electronics into your saber, you can also glue the pommel on as well. Gluing the parts down first will make drilling and taping the set screw and switch holes through both the resin and aluminum much easier than trying to drill them separately and get them perfectly lined up.

If you will be putting electronics into your saber, we recommend putting a set screw about here. This will allow access to charge your battery by removing the screw and sliding off the pommel.

We recommend two set screws on the emitter (one on each side) about where we have indicated above. This will ensure a snug, secure blade. If you are also putting electronics into your saber, the bigger circle above is where we recommend putting your switch (which side of the hilt will depend on whether you are right or left handed).

This is a loose guide as there are many, many options for electronics when it comes to making sabers and so size and positioning of switches, LEDs, batteries, etc. are mostly dependent on personal preference. We hope you enjoy your saber and can’t wait to see what you do with your kit!

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