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Prospect, the film we worked on in 2017 building and finishing props and sets, is now out on Netflix in the US! Prospect is a sci-fi western full of practical effects starring Pedro Pascal in a helmet. It is also available on Blu-ray if you want a physical copy! This 8-part series of posts does not contain any spoilers so you can check them all out without fear of ruining anything if you haven’t seen the film yet!

From the trailer – Ezra’s air filter.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of progress pics on the air filters, but they are still a cool, prominent feature in the film. Ezra, played by Pedro Pascal, had a special version of the air filter, as seen in this screen cap, with a four button control system and double hookup The rest were much simpler. The base filter case was 3D modeled and printed before we started working on Prospect, but I got to paint and finish most of them. I also made all of the filters that go inside the filter box. You can see a little orange poking out and that is painted EVA foam wrapped around the ends of a length of foam backing rod. Some of the filters were made new and packaged (those didn’t make it on screen but they were in packs and drawers and such) and others were weathered at various stages of use.

This is a close up of Ezra’s filter in the early stages. I scratch built the the four button side addition with some scrap styrene and various parts in our junk bins.

For all of the air hoses seen in Prospect, we wanted them to be easy to put on and off. Quick connects seemed like a no-brainer EXCEPT we didn’t want anything to be obviously recognizable as modern technology and from current Earth so for all of the connectors on the filter boxes, I hid the base of the quick connect in a resin cast cut off from some other parts we were using. This also gave us a nice easy way to mount them onto the filter boxes.

A variation on the filter can also be found in the Green Moon Guide – these were originally given out at conventions and festivals and through Regal Cinemas during the theatrical release but are now available as part of the Prospect Collector’s Pack along with a bunch of other cool stuff including a really cool knolling poster of a bunch of props from the movie, including one of the air filters. Not only does this show one of the other air filters but gives a good look at the technical/printed version of the alphabet created for Prospect!

We hope you enjoyed Part Three of our Prospect behind the scenes series. We’ll be posting a new behind the scenes build every day. In the meantime, go watch Prospect!

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