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We just released our Space Trek Uniform Jacket Pattern, inspired by the jacket Starfleet uniforms worn in Star Trek: Prodigy. (As a bonus, this coat is also very similar to those from the just released Star Trek: Picard and could easily be used for those with minor adjustments to the collar).

As with all of our patterns, if you’d like to skip the work and have us make one for you, we just ask you to fill out our quick commission request form here.

To go along with our pattern, we have also released a 3D printable model inspired by the comm badge worn on Star Trek: Prodigy available  via our Patreon Digital Library.

Below is the visual photo guide that accompanies our Space Trek Jacket Pattern.




Joining Sleeve



If you are using our pattern and have any further questions, please reach out to us! And if you do use our pattern, please tag us on social media if you share photos! And if you send us photos of your finished vest or costume along with your handle, we’ll reshare and tag you!

Want to use our pattern for commercial purposes? Join our Maker Patreon Tier and get access to all of our digital patterns and models for commercial use!

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