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We have been hard at work recreating The Armorer’s helmet from The Mandalorian and now we are bringing it to you! Want to get your hands on one of our helmets? Head over to our shop!

The helmet comes in three flavors depending on your budget, experience level, and customization needs : raw resin cast, raw cold cast, and full finished which includes padding and a visor pre-installed.

We are also making a video series detailing how we made the mold and cast the helmet. Here is Part 1 of our 3 part series!

We used the 3D model from Sean Fields of Project 842 as our base for this build. Our master and mods were all printed on our Raise3D N2.

Supplies used in this video:

We are also working to bring The Armorer’s hammer to life. We already have the 3D model available for purchase and will be molding and casting this shortly as well!

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3 Replies to “This is the Way. The Armorer Helmet From ‘The Mandalorian’”

  1. The helmet looks perfect. I also just downloaded your pauldron pattern. Thank you, its great. Looks like you printed the helmet at first but I’m wondering if you have any plans to back-transfer your build into a foam template? I just used Punished Props Mandalorian helmet template to make my first Mando helm, but need to outfit the whole family and my printer is only good for small items.

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have plans to make foam templates from any of the Armorer pieces. We are doing patterns for the soft goods and we’ll be making a few more 3d models and resin pieces available though.

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