Sionnach Studios is the combined effort between Billythebrick Cosplay and The Feathered Hart Costumes!

We have found that we tend to work together on most of our commission projects, and so creating a single name under which to operate was the next logical step. All commission projects and film work will happen here, moving through the studio, with more personal projects appearing on our individual pages. This has been a long standing goal for both of us, and we are beyond excited to see it coming together.

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The Feathered Hart (Heather)

Heather has been making with her hands since she was 8 years old. Anything her mom or other relatives put in front of her was fair game–sewing, crochet, knitting, hook rugs, coloring, painting, pottery, sculpture, and so many more. She tried so many things and enjoyed all of them immensely. As she got older and had the freedom to explore more mediums she’d never dared to try in the past, she realized how much she loved making costumes and props because it requires so many skill sets, constantly drives her to continue learning, and has helped give her the confidence to be herself.

She began this with the intent of sharing her passion for creating and her making adventures with the community and she hopes to encourage others to create their own art adventure.

You can also follow Heather on Facebook and Instagram!

Billythebrick Cosplay (Will)

Will has been cosplaying and making his own props for about six years, but after losing his IT job a few years ago, decided to trying to make this hobby into something a lot more. He does everything from sewing and pattern making to foamsmithing, mold making and casting, 3D model design and printing, and more.

Will has placed in several costume and prop contests as well as judged multiple contests. Will also frequently hosts and participates in cosplay related panels at conventions.

Will has also worked on a full-length feature film, Prospect and now has an IMDB Page. You can also follow Will on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want an in-depth look at Will? Check out this cool video by Skyfeather Studios: