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First off, its been awhile since our last post so Happy New Year! It’s been quite a few months with a lot of both business and personal life changes happening, but the important part is that we’re trying to streamline a lot of what we’re doing and focus on less higher quality output versus spreading ourselves too thin.

Secondly, we promise its related to the new helmet, but we wanted to share some updates we made to our Patreon going forward. We’ve streamlined our Patreon to only have 2 tiers – the basic $1 supporter tier and the higher $6 sponsor tier. Both tiers get access to our feed, but only the $6 tier gets access to our Digital Library and Discord channel.

And speaking of our digital library, last month we added over 100 new files – sewing and foamsmithing pattersn as well as 3D models – some of these are new ones we’ve created in the past couple of months as we ramp up for 2022 and many are digital files we’ve had either in our shop or have never offered digitally (like 3D models for resin kits we sell). The added files cover a HUGE range of fandoms – Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Macross/Robotech, The Dragon Prince, Voltron, Anime, and even some of our own custom designs. Many of these files are ONLY available to our Patreon Sponsors.

That being said, we just added our the monthly file for March to our Patreon Digital Library – this new helmet! This helmet is inspired by those worn in Rogue One by Rebel Troopers, in Solo by the Kessel Guards, and in The Mandalorian (in the bar right before Boba and Koska have it out).

If you’d like to get your hands on the helmet but don’t want to become a Patreon supporter, you can still get the helmet files by themselves in our shop!


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