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Would you like to test our new sewing patterns? We are looking for pattern testers to test our new PDF sewing patterns!

Once a new sewing pattern is ready, we will reach out to approved testers to see if they are interested in making the latest pattern. If so, we will send a draft copy of the sewing pattern and instructions. Testers will then be asked to make up the garment in a fabric of their own choice within two weeks. The sewing pattern will be sent in a digital format, in both Letter and A4 page sizes.

We ask that you provide written feedback and send clear, well lit photographs of you wearing the garment that we can potentially use for posting about and marketing the pattern. We will be available throughout the pattern testing period to answer questions and provide help if needed.

At the moment, pattern testing is unpaid and we are unable to provide fabric, but testers will also receive a free copy of the final version of the sewing pattern along with being tagged in any photos that we use. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out the form here.

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